Bathroom renovation ideas

Choosing wall tiles for your bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, one of the biggest decisions, of course, is choosing your wall tiles. You can go with a safe, tried and tested choice and get a great result but if you are brave enough to get a bit creative, you can really create a statement and add wow factor. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll use the same tile throughout. You might have a feature wall in a different colour or tone or use a feature tile to create interest in select areas of the room.

The first step is to decide on your theme and colour scheme. This is where you’ll really set the mood of the bathroom. Neutral earth tones? Fresh citrus? All white minimal? But remember that choosing a light tile will open the room up and make the room seem larger while are darker tile will create drama but won’t give you that open space feeling.

Most people go for ceramic tiles because they are perfect for high moisture areas and come in many options. Glass mosaic tiles come in a huge variety of colours, textures and finishes and are generally used on feature walls or for accents. The same goes for natural stone but they will need to be treated with a good sealer since they absorb moisture easily.

More often than not, smaller tiles are chosen for the floor to allow the tiler to be able to control the water run off easily while larger tiles are chosen for the walls.

If you decide to use the same colour tile for the floors and walls, it’s best to choose a different tile size for the walls or at least have the wall tiles laid horizontally or vertically to create interest and define the look of the floor from the walls. Repeating the pattern on both the floor and walls can become a bit too monotonous.

It’s easy to get carried away when choosing the right tiles because there are some beautiful tiles out there. But remember, there’s a large surface area to cover and depending on the size of the bathroom, it can be easy to make the room seem cluttered if your tiles are “busy”. If you’re having trouble selecting a tile, talk to us or to your local tile supplier.


Neutral tone wall tiles in bathroom