Bathroom renovation ideas

Making the most of the space in your ensuite

If you’r spending good money on an ensuite, don’t just think of it as a bathroom to use when the main bathroom is occupied. An ensuite should be thought of as a private retreat.

Space is usually the biggest obstacle when renovating or creating a new ensuite. But even if you’re limited for space, there are a few things you can do to make the most of what you have.

The first thing is to keep the room light in colour. Lighter colours on your walls and floor make the space seem larger than using dark tiles. Maybe even throw in a skylight to get more natural light in there and help the space become lighter.

More floor space makes the ensuite seem bigger too. So, lift the furniture up off the floor and attach it to the wall so you can see under it. This can apply to the toilet system too with some modern designs being made for this purpose. Not only that, but the cistern can be built into the wall cavity to save even more space and the flush button wall mounted.

Next, select fittings which are modern and simple. Larger, fancier fittings tend to help visually fill up the room.

How about the mirror? the bigger the mirror, the better. It reflects space and makes a huge difference. And while we’re talking about glass, give a frameless shower screen consideration. Without framing, there’s less clutter and once again it will make the ensuite feel less enclosed.

Storage can also be built into wall cavities to free up space. The most common uses for this is in the shower for storage of shampoo bottles, sponges, razors and other items and also behind the mirror where you can store you styling products, shaving gear, toothbrushes and other things you use when standing in front of the mirror. This is a great spot to put all those things that would otherwise sit on top of the vanity. So, storing these things behind the mirror gets them up off this surface and away, removing clutter and making more clean space.

If you’d like some more ideas on how best to renovate or add an ensuite, give us a call or drop us an email.