Bathroom renovation ideas

Create a luxury bathroom with these ideas

The bathroom is a room you either see as somewhere you get in and get out of or somewhere you go to escape it all, relax and just breathe. If you see it as the latter and you have a budget that permits, consider these additions to your Custom Bathroom renovation:

  1. Space – A big bathroom area gives you a head start in creating a luxury bathroom to relax in. Thougthful design should make the most of it and keep it looking big.
  2. Underfloor heating – Now is the perfect time to say yes to warm feet. If your old bathroom is to be pulled up, consider either concrete slab or tile bed heating systems. The tile bed system can be turned off and on while the slab system is cheaper but operates more seasonally.
  3. Heated towel rails – Picking up a warm, dry and fluffy towel when you get out of the bath or shower is just soooo nice. Heated towel rails come in lots of different designs but make sure you choose one (or two) which complements your other fixtures.
  4. Two big basins – If you have to use the bathroom at the same time as your significant other, this is a must. Make them big. Make them elegant.
  5. Double shower – Again, double up. maybe make one a large shower rose which comes from the roof and feels like rain and make the other an adjustable hand held.
  6. Entertainment – Flatscrren TVs and sound systems in bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular to help people relax.
  7. Soft tones – Keep it light and airy. Soft tones enhanced with a textured feature wall or floor will help your bathroom feel high-end and luxurious.
  8. Natural materials – Stone and marble are a great addition to a bathroom. There’s a large range to choose from and they look great and help to give your bathroom that natural spa feel. Or try glass tiles or bamboo.
  9. Freestanding bath – This will help to show more floor space which will make the room feel bigger and with the right choice will add a touch of elegance.
  10. Accessorise with restraint – Try and keep the space tidy and “designed”. Carefully place candles and indoor plants or flowers to once again help create a peaceful environment.